Software reseting arduino

Is there any way to software reseting the arduino with one command?? (other than the switch)????????????? :-/

There are a number of ways this could be accomplished, but none are software only. If you explain why you need to do this, an appropriate solution might be proposed.


void(* resetFunc) (void) = 0; //declare reset function @ address 0

void setup(void)

void loop(void)
  delay(2000);  // to simulate something useful :)

[don't know the source] The function starts to execute at addres 0 . This seems to be the address where an Arduino starts when it is started. It also resets my "hanging" ethernetshield. It works on my 328 and I hope to test it on an UNO this week. I don't have a mega at hand.


The function starts to execute at addres 0

But it is not (as has been said many, many times before) a processor reset.

found older thread, same question. new insight ==>

Seems I have to rewrite a few sketches this evening :) Rob

update: the example at the support site seems to reset the arduino every 30 ms!. Read the forum thread carefully as it may have unwanted side effects.

The WDT is the best way without external hardware. However it is not exactly the same as a real reset. You can determine the difference.


o thnks for the reply…

am trying to gav a password protection to my DTMF controlled robot…
i wnt to start the program from the begining in case if the call is disconnected without stopping the motor by pressing stop key in the mobile…

any way thnx…nw am using goto statement…

If you are building a robot you may want to think about watchdog in general. I find the following article very helpful