Software Serial communication to CMUcam

Hi, after two months of waiting i finally received my ordered CMUcam. It's the Boe-bot version of it (which means it is stripped pretty much) so im communicating through TTL level serial. It works perfectly fine if i use the digital pins 0 and 1 (RT and TX) and the serial library.

What doesn't work though, is communication through software serial. You see, i really would prefer if that works, cause then i can print commands to the camera through the serial monitor and thus control it or debug it and have it connected to the computer if probably the most important...

So, what differs the software and hardware serial? Is there a voltage difference cause if it is that could be it. The CMUcam requires the communication to be in 5v

The software serial is not incredibly reliable. It doesn't work very well at high baud rates (what are you using?). It's also synchronous, meaning that whenever data is available, you need to have called read() to get it. Otherwise, it will just get lost.

I'm trying to communicate through 9600 baud. But i have only tried sending data so far. And, the CMUcam sends the answer pretty much directly, so it should`t be a problem meaning that i can read directly after data is sent.