Software Serial Disappeared from include library list

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I am working a project that requires the SoftwareSerial library but it somehow disappeared from my "include library" list. I re-installed my Arduino IDE and the SoftwareSerial library was available, but the new download did not maintain any of my Adafruit libraries so I installed the Arduino SAMD Boards, the Adafruit SAMD and restarted Arduino IDE per instructed. Upon opening, SoftwareSerial had disappeared again and I cannot find a downloadable library for it. Is there a downloadable SoftwareSerial library available somewhere to download?

Which Arduino board are you using ?

I am using a Feather MO with a SpeakUp Click Board.... The Speakup is 3.3 logic and even with the logic leveler didn't work. Purchased the uno breakout board for the Speakup....but it is too large to use for my project.....decided to stay with the adafruit lines.

Didn't think the board would make a difference but went back and switched boards and Software Serial was available....I guess that answers that question. Thanks

Arduino boards platforms can provide "platform bundled libraries" that are installed along with the platform. These libraries are only accessible when a board of the platform that bundles it is being compiled for.

The most common use of platform bundled libraries is to provide the variant of the architecture-specific standard libraries (e.g., SPI, Wire) for that platform. Because these libraries tend to have compatible APIs, the fact that a different variant is being used from one board to another is not noticeable to the user, so it's easy to be unaware that there is such a thing. However, it is up to each platform author which libraries they choose to bundle. In the case of the SoftwareSerial library and the SAMD boards, I think the developers decided that there was really no need for such a library because the SERCOM functionality of these microcontrollers makes it unlikely to be needed:

As you found out, that is not the case, hence my question

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