software serial interupt??

Hi All,

I know the docs say this can't be done -- but is there a way to interupt a softserial call to

Can the read call be wrapped in something within the arduino environment that would allow this to timeout -- say after X milliseconds?

I am reading data from an RFID reader using software serial -- no problems -- however -- if no tag is present the wait is tremendous (as defined in the library docs) -- an obvious work around is to go back to hardware serial -- but that is for the moment unavailable --

I can move the RFID to hardware serial -- but it means other hardware changes and redesigning a carrier board.

Any other options at this time?

Can a timeout on soft-serial be something in the library's future?



Does your rs232 device have hardware handshaking, sothat you could check the status of a handshake line before making the (blocking) call to software serial read?


All readers do this, they assume a TAG will eventually be present to read, did you discover a cure?