Software Serial issues after update to arduino 1.0

Ok with out getting into my other frustrations of switching from the beta version of arduino to version 1.0.1 I'm having a big issue I believe. Before the upgrade I was using NewSoftSerial and I had to modify the .h file of the NewSoftwareSerial library specifically this line of code:

#define _NewSS_MAX_RX_BUFF 256 // RX buffer size

as you can see I had to increase the NewSoftware Serial RX buffer considerably to 256bytes. Now that I can't use new software serial anymore is there a way to increase the buffer on the SoftwareSerial in the Arduino 1.x.x environment?

I need it to be at least 256 bytes to handle all the data coming in from the serial port.

Thank you.

Look in SoftwareSerial.h for#define _SS_MAX_RX_BUFF 64 // RX buffer size and change it.

I need it to be at least 256 bytes to handle all the data coming in from the serial port.

Why don’t you just read the data before the (smaller) buffer fills up?

Riva you don't know where that .h file is do you. I've been looking for it on my Mac and I can't seam to find it anywhere.

I found it finally. For anyone else that wants to modify the core libraries for the Arduino they are in the package contents of the app so right click on the arduino app in the Applications Folder and show package contents. you can drill down in there. Every time you update your Arduino program though you'll have to re-modify the files because they will be over written.

I see you have found them. On the PC they are in arduino-1.0.1\libraries\SoftwareSerial

You could copy the library to a new folder called something like MySoftwareSerial and then rename the relevant files within to match the folder name and edit the .cpp & .h files to also reflect these changes. Now when you download another version of Arduino you just copy the entire library into the new version and it *may work. I say may because they could have altered other files to break this version.