Software Serial Parity Question - help please...

I am in the middle of a project and have everything just about ready to roll but just realized I have one small issue.... parity.

I have been testing with the Serial port on my nano and setting it up with the command:


My problem is that I need to be able to do this using pins 11 and 12 with software serial. Is there any way to switch the parity bit on the software serial begin command (or even in the lib?)

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

This recent thread How to set SoftwareSerial 8E1---HELP!!! - Networking, Protocols, and Devices - Arduino Forum asked the same question and a solution was provided although in the end the OP used hardware serial anyway.

UKHeliBob - thanks for the pointer. am not sure how I missed that. I have spent a couple of hours trying to modify the lib as suggested by pylon in that thread.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I cannot get it to work. I have added the code to the lib files and that causes a compile error, and I have tried just straight up modifying/adding the lines of code he wrote pertaining to parity... but still i get no result. at least this way it still compiles fine.

can someone please give me some suggestions or guidance. Thanks