Software Serial Port

I already use Serial and Serial1.
I need another serial port on my MKR1400.
Is it possible to use a library like SoftwareSerial on the mkr1400?

I found

Is it compatible with MKR1400 ???

Finally I tested this method :
It works perfectly with Sercom4 on the D4 and D5 pins that I use as Serial3 hardware serial port.

Dear All,

I am trying to communicate between Aurdino UNO (sender) and MKR 1400 (receiver). When I test mySerial.write() and within MKR 1400 sketch its working perfectly.

I connected Rx of sender to Tx of receiver and vice versa, GND of sender to GND of receiver.
Both the boards are connected to two USB ports of my laptop.

But MKR is not receiving data from UNO board...

Sender Code:

void setup() {
// put your setup code here, to run once:


void loop() {

void sendSerial()

int randNo = rand();

Receiver Code:

void SerialRead()
int incomingByte;
// read the incoming byte:
incomingByte =;
char a = incomingByte;