Software Serial - SSS - by Robin2

Hi there, A question for anyone using Robin2's module.

I wondered if the SSS module would run at 57600 or higher on an Arduino Uno?

Thinking about if I can use this with the new generation of serial wifi modules.

"Robin2's module" is what exactly ?

The OP is referring to this Thread yet another software serial

The purpose of writing the code was to have some basic capability to use serial alongside the Servo library.

I'm afraid I no longer have the program fresh in my mind so I can't recall if, at the time I wrote it, I had considered whether it would work at higher baud rates.

The code was designed to work at 9600 baud and probably works at 19200 baud. At 57600 baud the interval between bits is down to 17 usecs and the way the timer is used it works with 2usec intervals. I suspect that the code may find it difficult to work reliably when detecting bits that are only 17usecs apart.

All I can suggest is suck-it-and-see.

By the way I have just spotted this line (and there may be others) where the baudrate is explicitly written in the code rather than using the constant sssBaudRate

sssIdleIntervalMicros = 1000000UL / 9600 * 25 ; // 2.5 byte lengths

(slap self on wrist)