Software to design mechanical moving parts?

Hi, I'm new doing anything mechanical, but I have experience programing in Python and Perl, so programing part it should be easy for me. Now I want to create an adult toy that have different moving parts. Like vibration motors, Stepper Motors etc.. Is there a good easy to use software on mac that I can visually design my product?

You're after a mechanical CAD software package for the mechanical parts. Then motors have coils of copper wires and permanent fixed magnets, and electrical connections to the outside world. Fairly complex hardware. Can you incorporate existing motors into your custom enclosure instead?

I have not bothered to learn how to use CAD software and I have used the drawing feature of Open Office to design some small mechanisms - basically by allowing me to produce dimensioned components and move them around to see how I can fit them in the space I have available. I don't know if Open Office works on a Mac but I'm sure there is an equivalent.

I have experimented a little with a CAD program called FreeCad as I will probably need to use that to produce designs for 3D printing - if I ever get around to making my 3D printer.


CrossRoads: Can you incorporate existing motors into your custom enclosure instead?

I in the real beginning stages and beside that, I have to idea how the custom enclosure should be. Is there a place that I can buy like a strong metal enclosure that it is easy to customize? I think in this stage I should not even think about custom enclosure.

Sure, digikey carries all kinds of boxes.

I use google sketchup on a PC, there is a free version for the Mac here:

You can do great 3D drawings. There is a bit of a learning curve, but lots of stuff on their web site youtube etc.