Software to display weather sensor data via a server


Does anyone know of any software which can display weather station data? I’m looking for something which:

  • Can take as an input some type of formatted data (e.g. an XML or JSON string with temperature or pressure readings) and display the same as a graph/chart etc. As my station is remote (sending the data via LoRa), I cannot directly connect the sensors to the software (like most of the weather station software seems to do)

  • Can run as a server and display it via a webpage. I don’t particularly wish to use the data hosting sites like Adafruit IO.

Does anyone have any suggestions please? I’ve seen Weewx but I don’t think this accepts JSON or XML as an input? I don’t need to control the sensor/station as I have build other software to do this.

I’m reluctant to build something that someone else has probably already developed.


Use a Raspberry Pi running node-red to collect, database and display the weather data.

There was a thread here a few months ago with someone doing something similar. He was trying to get data from his weather station into existing software called weather display:

It apparently can talk to multiple existing stations, so if you can emit your data in one of their formats, it should be able to display it for you.