Software to run your CNC with an arduino 'easy-to-use interface'

Estimated delivery: Dec 2012

Grbl supported.

Currently in development.

Thanks to recommend a name for this software.

I think you're going to need to provide more than just a screenshot before people send you money.

I know but this night I busted my arduino and all of my stepper driver (Too high voltage). So I can't show a movie in action right now. Maybe next week. :cold_sweat:


Hi …

I am not really understanding what you need the money for.

If you are doing it, software development costs nothing . Most people who develop commercial software here on the forum develop it first and demonstrate its merit and then try and sell the finished product. I can frequently be found here selling my services but i would not ask a client to invest in my services without some proof that I could deliver also.

Try telling us why you need the money and exactly what you are trying to develop.

There are a lot of CNC control programs out there in the freeware world already.
What would we get for or 20 then we cannot get for free.

Best of luck with this.

Cheers Pete.