software to use nfc

hello everyone
i have a da vinci mini w 3d printer... the printer filament spool use a nfc chip to prevent that i can use a filament of other brand. the chip keeps the information of how many meters the spool has and how much it has left so once the spool is finished the printer knows it and stop printing because there is no longer filament... what I want is to reset the chip to be able to use another filament with the printer and for that I need a software that works with arduino and the PN532 to be able to edit the pages of the chip. i search in google but the most examples use an android mobile and I don't want to use a mobile. the other examples use an arduino (UNO or MEGA) with a PN532 and a software to write and read the nfc chip... my problem is that i can't downoald the software... if someone knows or uses a softawe that i could use...I would appreciate it if you post it...


p.s: i can use an arduino UNO or MEGA.