software turn on of serial monitor

I’d like to turn on the serial monitor using code within the sketch. Any ideas.

I’ve done all kinds of searches and no luck.


I vaguely remember this coming up before and the answer was "no", alas. I think it would be an excellent feature.



.....would be awesome.

If the serial monitor is closed and the IDE is not actually uploading a sketch the IDE is not connected to the Arduino board. I use other software to communicate with the Arduino and I routinely upload a new sketch and then restart my comms software on the same serial connection - there is never a conflict.

What that means is that the IDE would not hear a command - although I guess the Serial Monitor could hear SM.close().




Serial.monitor(open); Serial.monitor(close);

.....would be awesome.

So, with nothing on the PC end monitoring the serial port, please explain how that would be implemented.

I'm new to this stuff and trying to learn.

I was hoping that there was a way to implement the "ctl/shift/M" via ascii or hex commands to turn on the monitor window. Any ideas along that line?


If you had a Leonardo or similar, which has a USB keyboard emulation, you could conceivably send that sequence, however the Arduino IDE would need to have the focus, otherwise Photoshop or some other app would get it.