SoftwareSerial and new String object

It seems SoftwareSerial cannot print the new String object.

no matching function for call to 'SoftwareSerial::println(String&)

In the meantime, anyone know of an easy way to cast a String object as a char* ?

I think it has some toCharArray or toByteArrayor something..?

I swear I looked at the reference page 5 times... I don't know how I missed that...

My bad for offending the cardinal rule in forums. Got it working.

Either way, if Serial.print can handle a String, shouldn't SoftwareSerial?

SoftwareSerial is obsolete. You should be using NewSoftSerial, instead.

Man. I just spent hours chasing down timing issues with SoftwareSerial. It looks like NewSoftSerial fixes every headache I've had thus far.

Thanks for the heads up.