SoftwareSerial and Servo on Arduino 101?

I've noticed that the SoftwareSerial and Servo library combination, is basically a recipe for disaster on other Arduino boards, because they use the same timer or some such. I've also found a library called ServoTimer2, which uses a different timer, supposedly to solve that issue, but it's for AVR only.

I was meaning to ask, can SoftwareSerial and Servo coexist in a sketch if ran on Arduino 101?

I'm asking because I'm using the servo lib to control BECs, and I certainly don't want the motors to start acting up every time I send reporting data to a web server over my LTE shield (or get the device's current GPS location from the shield), and I also want to avoid unnecessary rewiring of the shield to get it to use HardwareSerial instead, when SoftwareSerial would actually work just fine.