SoftwareSerial interference with my ethernet shield (THINGSPEAK)

I 'am using an Arduino UNO with an ethernet shield, I also have a few sensors which are doing really good and a ThingSpeak channel where I post the sensor information, the problem is that when I use "SoftwareSerial serial gps (7,6)" to initialice my GPS pins the server give me a 404 "Bad request" response, I try with no sending the GPs information but the only think that is bodering here is that line (SoftwareSerial serial gps (7,6)) If I remove it the connection work just fine. I also try with other pins but is just the same. I hear that the ethernet shield maybe use some pins but, again I tried with all the possible combinations.


The standard Ethernet shield and the Ethernet library uses pins 10, 11, 12, 13 on the Uno.


Great, so in thas case that's not my problem because I use 7 and 6. There is an alternative to SoftwareSerial for an arduino UNO that has only a pair of hardwareserial ?? .

Read this for alternatives to connecting the GPS device. SoftwareSerial is the worst choice.