softwareserial issue on stm32 f411re

Hello everyone,

I got in my hand shield for arduino uno. this shiled include 2 UART devices.
On arduino uno everything work fine. So i decide to install my shield on nucleo64 board.
my nucleo is equipped with stm32 f411re core. i'm using stm32duino api.

And here occure an issue. UARt devices doesn't work together.
When i run them separtly (only one device included in code) they work fine.

I can't use HardwareSerial, cause they are not connected to hardwareserial pins.

I tried also used "Serial.listen()" function but it doesnt help.

Are there any limitations due to softwareserial on stm32duino compare to normal arduino?
Or i miss something ?

Thanks in advance for any help,

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