SoftwareSerial library keywords.txt file out of date

While working with SoftwareSerial.h I noted that it wasn’t getting complete syntax highlighting. I dug into this and found that the keywords.txt file hadn’t been updated since NewSoftSerial was incorporated. I have 3 versions of the IDE installed on my machine, v1.0.3, v1.0.4ERW(my primary), and v1.5.2. All three versions have the old keywords.txt file from NewSoftSerial. (Well, not any more… ;))

I modified the file and it now works, see the new keywords.txt file (attached) for submission into the project. (If there is a better way through git, please advise. Note, I’ve never used git before so consider me a rank newb in any advice.)

It does seem to be a known issue by at least the community (see the reply#1 in this forum post). Hopefully this post will catch the eye of the project maintainers and get fixed for any and all future releases.

keywords.txt (660 Bytes)

Thanks for updating, never noticed ;)

You can post it as an issue here - - you need an account

If you want I can post it for you.

Thanx for the offer. I went ahead and registered for GitHub myself and issued it as SoftwareSerial's keywords.txt file outdated · Issue #1426 · arduino/Arduino · GitHub. I wasn’t able to find how to add a label myself, so I guess that will be done once it has been reviewed by someone on the team.

I did verify that the issue still exists on the newly released 1.0.5. Maybe it will be fixed for 1.0.6.