SoftwareSerial Not Getting Compiled with HAL for APM

Hello I want to use the HAL and the Software Serial library on the Arduino. The version 1.03 does not compile with the SoftwareSerial??. Any pointer you have for this??

C:\ArduPilot??-Arduino-1.0.3\libraries\SoftwareSerial??/SoftwareSerial??.h:48: error: expected class-name before '{' token C:\ArduPilot??-Arduino-1.0.3\libraries\SoftwareSerial??/SoftwareSerial??.h:97: error: 'Print' has not been declared

SoftwareSerial works with the Arduino 1.05-rc2 but not with 1.03 the HAL( code for GPS works with 1.03 but not wit the 1.05.

Can anyone help?