SoftwareSerial not receiving on Arduino UNO

I found several entries on the internet on this problem, but every one includes additional hardware and complex programming. While I faced the same problem, I tried to reduce to the minimum possible everything to focus on the real problem. So, I used the original Arduino 1.0.5 SoftwareSerialExample.ino sketch wit only ONE modification: both the baud rate for Serial and MySerial are set to 9600. As additional hardware I used just ONE jumper between pin 10 and pin 11: Software Serial Receive pin and Software Serial transmit pin. What I want to see, once compiled on loaded thes ketch, is the simple ECHO of the characters I input from Arduino Serial Monitor. This doesn't happen!

I made the following tests: -when I send something to Arduino (through the monitor), it receives on Serial and transmits that via MySerial on pin 11: correct. -mySerial.available() returns always FALSE, even if 5V-RS232 is feed to pin 10. -Tried the same with pin 8-9 and 1-2 pair: same result.

I found the AltSoftSerial library and it works fine, my problem is that it is not configurable and works only for pin pair 8-9. That said, I assume the hardware itself is not faulty and can correctly handle interrupts and reception on pin 8.

As far as I can speculate, the problem must reside in Software Serial itself. Any idea?

Hi resca

SoftwareSerial cannot receive and transmit at the same time.

In some applications, this is not a problem. For example, if the Arduino sends data to a device which only responds when it receives data, then the flows alternate.



Ok, I buy this, thanks!

At this point, I wonder how AltSoftSerial can do that and, consequently, why SoftwareSerial cannot implement the same logic. That said, let me try to modify AltSoftSerial to use the ports I need! :)