Soil Moisture sensor data

I am using the basic Arduino soil moisture sensor as an analog input, and I get data results, but they are coming back as 3 digit returns. How should I interpret this info? I read somewhere that it is basically a 3 digit percentage return, is this true? should I just divide by 10 to get an accurate soil moisture content?

I am still a novice but have been playing with Greenhouse Monitoring. I used a map function to assign values to a percentage.

adc0 = map(ads.readADC_SingleEnded(0), 10000, 30784, 98, 0);

So when the reading from the sensor comes in, a number of about 10000 is equal to approx 98% moisture in my soil, and a reading of 30784 is equal to very dry soil (0%). I am using an ADC to get values in as I have 3 sensors on my NodeMCU. You may find analogue values nearer to 400 for very wet soil and 1020 for very dry soil. Use control soil samples to set your map points.

Many of the sensors on the market are quite fickle - I do not know which you are using as this is not in your question - and I found also that temperature of the soil and the battery charge powering my project all play a significant role in the readings you get.

Please post your full code so I and others can see what is happening therein.

Hope this helps