Soil Moisture Sensor

I have recently bought a soil moisture sensor and am making an automatic irrigation system using arduino nano. Can u please tell me why is red led blinking beside TX and Soil moisture sensor all the time they are connected to electricity.i think they should be green?

Actually I am very new to all these. This is my first project. Please help me.

Thank You in advance.

Maybe because you're thinking wrong. Maybe because the sensor is wired wrongly. Maybe because that's how this sensor is supposed to work. Maybe because your program is wrong. Maybe because there's something else going on. Maybe because you forgot to follow the instructions. Maybe because of all of the above. Maybe because there's a serious lack of information in your post.

Every beginning is hard. If you want answerss you will have to post more info. What sensor (brand etc), what code (post it with your question) etc

Have fun and don't be discouraged by a little setback.