Soil moisture sensors + Arduino

I have tons of experience with Raspberry Pi, never worked with Arduino, the following project I'd like to build seems like a good place to start... I'd like to connect capacitive soil moisture sensors, like these here. I wanted about 6 sensors to be connected to an Arduino, and that Arduino to have Wifi capability so I can do polling of the sensor data periodically. I want to do minimal soldering, I was thinking of the Arduino MKR1000 with Headers.

It would appear that in that case the whole thing will be sort of plug-and-play, like the schematics here.

And then all I'll have to worry about is waterproofing the sensors (the Arduino itself will sit in a cabinet that's waterproof, that bit I'm less worried about).

I just want to verify I understand everything correctly before I purchase the components...


Thank you!

Looks like that will work indeed.