Soil pH measurement device

Hello, can this be used in order to measure soil pH? Has anyone used it?


I have not used it, but I think that the sensor is designed to measure the pH of water-based solutions (the soil may damage the sensor).

This thread may help:

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Ok, I read it. It seems too complicated, you need to do dilution 2:1 ratio and make it slurries. The other idea I have read is disassembling and using this : Has anyone done anything with this?

Some of the comments suggest that the Home Depot sensor is useless for measuring pH, which is exactly what I would expect from a cheap two wire probe.

If you actually want to measure soil pH, the only accurate way to do that is to make a soil/water slurry and use a decent pH probe and meter. You don't need to do that very often, and there is no point in having a sensor always in the ground.

Does it make sense to measure the pH of the water + pesticides I will throw to the plant instead of measuring the soil pH, which as I see is difficult part?

No, a bit of water won't change the soil pH.