Solar Battery Monitoring

Hi good evening arduino masters!

Im new to arduino and we'll to use it for our project. It is possible to display battery life or how long it will gonna last and total ampere of the generator in 2.4LCD TFT with arduino uno? Please help sir. Badly need it.. Thank youuu. God bless :)

What type and size of battery?
What is the max output of the solar cells?
What is the load on the system?

At the moment have you any sensors to measure voltage or current? If so post links to their datasheets.

Or is all of that working and you need assistance with getting your 2.4LCD TFT to work?


Joe, what you are asking is at least partially possible.

If you read the voltage of most batteries, that will tell you how much it is charged. For example a car battery will read about 14.4 Volts when fully charged (yeah, even though they are called 12 V batteries). If the battery voltage falls towards 12, it's pretty much dead and won't deliver much more power. A "D" battery will normally be about 1.5 and is considered dead as it approached 1.0. Of course, the actual numbers depend on the battery itself.

However, the fact that a battery is for examle 80% charged doesn't give a clue as to how Long it will last. If it isn't being used at all, it will last a while. If it's being drained by something attached to it, the remaining life (in time) depends on how hard it is being drained. If you have a fully charged 1000mAH battery and are only pulling 1mA, it will last a Long time. If you are pulling 3000mA, you have less than 20 minutes.

One doesn't usually measure Generator capacity (total ampere of the Generator), one measures the amps of the load. Even though a Generator may be able to produce a theoretical 10 Amps at 12 Volts, at any given Point in time it may only be truly "producing" 1 Amp if that is how much is needed to power the load.

Provide more Details of what you are attempting to do.

Thank you for your replies, appreciate it. Btw our project has a 48 pcs lithium ion batteries with 2250mAh 4.2V each. 16 pcs connected in parallel and that 16 will be connected in series to another 16pcs parallel battery bank. A total of approximately 40Ah and 12.66V. What we want to do is to display the current voltage rating of the battery bank in the 2.4 tft lcd we also need, its like displaying voltmeter,ammeter and wattmeter in the lcd. And lastly we need to know if the battery is still okay or it will need replacement.. thank you all sir

By the way this will be our schematic. Still trying to fígure out the connections.

Photo from sir ed.


Have a look at the Maxim MAX17043G+U chip or the breakout board at for measuring your battery charge. (put a MAX17043G on each cell).

For your current usage put one of these or these in series with your load (depending on your anticipated current draw) and measure the voltage across the resistor (using your arduino analogue inputs) to work out the current . Use Ohms law to figure out the right values for the resistors and wattage.