Solar cell with servo

I need to make solar cell the move according to sunlight intensity using servo motor can any one help me suggesting the senor i can use to detect this intensity and how to apply this part

I'm not sure what @raschemmel has in mind ?

I would just use a pair of Light Dependent Resistors shielded so the sun only falls evenly on the two of them when the panel is facing the sun. Then write a few lines of Arduino code to move the servo (and panel) towards the LDR that is in brighter sunlight.

You probably should arrange for the Arduino to shut off power to the servo when movement is not needed or the servo may consume more power than the panel produces.


That works. Actually Robin's right , I jumped the gun on that one. You don't need the solar cell, you need light sensors to sense the
sunlight to drive servos to move the solar cell. So my bad. wrong link. use the LDRs.

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tracking solar panel

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some possible info.

You mean like this ?