Solar charger 5.5V output

Hi, Just receive my solar charger bought on Ebay. The output voltage is 5.5V on USB port. Is Arduino USB port safe to work with voltages higher than 5V? My plan is to use it with my Arduino Pro Mini, and Megas...

here´s the charger:


5.5V is just OK. The absolute maximum for the chip is 6.0V I believe. You may find it outputs a bit less under load. Connect it and measure the 5V pin on the board and see.

Thanks for reply MarkT. Was afraid to burn anything. Tested it today, and everything seems to work fine.

thank you.

Related to but diferent source, The Ryobi Tek4 series model RP4900 delivers 5V@500ma from a single 4V tool cell. Comes with necessary plugs ect to connect USB loads.