Solar Charger

Hello. I would like to use solar panel for charging my lipo batteries. What do you suggest in a very difficult, shady place.

  1. High Voltage Solar Panel eg. 24V with MPPT charger?
  2. 5V Solar Panel with energy harvester charger?
  3. 5V Solar Panel with simple charger?

The Watt of the 24V and 5V Solar panels are the same (eg. 1 Watt ). Which one is the more efficient way? Thank you.

athtest: What do you suggest in a very difficult, shady place.

If is on shady place, no Solar Panel going to work.

So in conclusion, the answer to 'How does shade affect solar panels?' is that shade makes solar panels less efficient and, unless they have the right internal protection, can lead to the solar panel being damaged. This damage means that your solar panels will under-perform even in direct sunshine.

Having your solar panels installed to reduce their exposure to shade is important. If to do so you have to have your solar panels set up in your garden instead of on your roof and pay a little extra you should do so. If you cannot avoid shade you must make sure that the solar panels you buy are the right kind.

Solar panels can charge a small battery in a shady place, but it takes a long time. What is the battery capacity and number of cells?

Does non-continuous charging work with Lido? I mean when current often drops to almost zero.

To solve this problem you need to do some homework. Every part you use has to be examined for voltdrop, power consumption, etc. And the actual light level has to be measured. Without the proper specs of all the parts, only field testing will give you the right answer. Leo..

Op only has a 1 watt solar panel.
Dont know what type of LIPO batteries need to be charged, but even under the best of conditions it would take several days to charge a single 18560 cell.
In a shady location who knows how long .
As the above posters have indicated, lots more info is needed.

Need to know what is being powered, how much current is being drawn, how big is the battery etc.

Thanks for the answers. I will use 18650 2Ah. My problem is not the fast charging, as long as my circuit will last (after calculations) for 452(!!) days. The reason i want solar is the trickle charging, so i will not have to change batteries to the remote location. Else, if that cannot be done i will put 2 cell so to duplicate this period although i do not know what is the lipo battery self discharge. Thanks again.

A simple shunt regulated charger and a 5volt panel might work.
As long as the solar reaches more than 4.2volt during peak light.
Solar cell “+” connected to battery “+” via a suitable blocking diode.
Adjustable zener diode across the solar panel, to protect the battery from being overcharged.
e.g. LM431 with medium power transistor attached (see LM431 datasheet, Fig19).

How much current does the circuit being powered consume. No one can answer your questions without knowing this.

I'd expect them to work well enough in the shade too

Define "well enough".