Solar Light Kit - can anyone help?

Hi I am electrically challenged- as in- I have no idea what I am doing! I do however, really want to try this out and I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to assist me.

I am trying to build a board that does the following job: Small solar panel charges a 12v 4.5Ah lead acid battery. When discharged- a red/green led shows red- when charged the red/green led shows green. This in turn powers 2x 3w or 4w 12v LED lights for about 4 hours. I really just need a circuit diagram and a bit of help getting me started.

Is anyone willing to help me?



(I promise- I did look online to try and find this, but maybe I'm too stupid to see it when it was infront of me!) ;)

You can monitor the the voltage using the analogue inputs, BUT, you must use a voltage divider to reduce the maximum voltage so that you do not exceed 5v.

You can then use a relay or MOSFET a to drive the LED. If you use a relay, make sure you use a diode in reverse across the coil.

The logic is something you should be able to work out.