Solar Panel 124W / 4.1 Amps

Hey guys i am thinking of getting one of these but i am not sure how i would go about setting it up

It is a rollout solar panel with the following specs

Rated Power (Wp):


Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):


Maximum Power Voltage (Vpm):


Short Circuit Current (Isc):


Maximum Power Current (Ipm):


I was thinking using these to chage up some large batteries and the using the batteries to power some appliances during the day, some sort of device that checks when power is below a certain point then switching the appliance to my Mains power. Feasible? Ive never used a solar panel before not even the little ones from radio shack. maybe i should start there well i have some research to do.

You won't be able to do a heck of a lot with a single 120w panel but it's a start.

You need an inverter of course.

device that checks when power is below a certain point then switching the appliance to my Mains power.

I don't remember seeing such a gadget but maybe, you could certainly make one.

Most large/good inverters do something similar ie switch from inverting to mains when mains is available then switch back again when not, but you really should sync the waveforms.


a friend of mine used a 100w panel with batteries and inverter to run power the bedroom areas in his house - i believe the cutover was automatic.

yea after some research one of these probably wont do much and i will be saving pennies compared to the hundreds ill spend but still i might get 2 or so and try it just in case one day the grid is no more then i will have the know how

I'm all in favour of converting to solar, even if only partly as you can move things across over time.

I've been living entirely off the grid for over 10 years now with reliable power and not a single bill.

Of course I paid a lot up front and still have to use a generator on occasion.

By coincidence I just read this article on this link posted on another thread

To save you reading the entire thing, in an interview the fellow says

I knew this because I was living in my cabin at the time, and the only supply of electricity I had was my meager 145-watt solar array.

So it can be done with a single panel although you can't do refrigeration, heating or cooking with electricity, you need gas for that. Certainly I've lived on 240W of panels (including a fridge and computer but not heating or cooking) although I have a much larger system now.

In a nutshell I'd say if you just want to power the bedroom light it's a waste of money, but if you eventually plan to be independent of the power supply companies then I'd make a start. Where I live power has at least doubled in the last 10 years and looks like increases will get more frequent and larger in future, not that I pay much attention to such matters :)


Interesting , it would be nice to be off the grid , i am just interested in renewable energy and alternative sources , soon i will be starting my EE with a specialty in renewable energy . Just trying to get on that path. I wish i had a cabin somewhere to invest in and take advantage of this technology.

soon i will be starting my EE with a specialty in renewable energy

In that case I would definitely make a start, sort of putting your money where your mouth is as they say.

And you'll probably be the only one in the course actually doing something for real.

I wish i had a cabin somewhere

Don't we all :) But all you really need is somewhere to put the panel, if you're in FL you'll have plenty of sun I would think.


Im interested in this very much , its similar to what my idea is. I have about 700AH of batteries, and a 6KW inverter with about 600watts of panels in a standalone system, with a 40 A solar charger (12volts) It takes two full days of sun to charge up, and will run the whole house - minus the cooking and air conditioning and water heating, for a hole day. Not off the grid, but a good start. I am getting a ethernet sheild soon to connect between an arduino uno and the web, with connections on the arduino to measure voltage and draw currnt, chrge current, etc, could be usefull, and if possible, let it control when to switch in, or switch back to grid power. Would be nice to use the iphone to see the charge voltage and turn it on or off remotley! So at this stage waiting for etheret sheild.

that sounds pretty good. I was thinking the same thing plotting some sort of usage chart online but ive never used an Ethernet Shield i was porbabbly going to go with a Panda board since making small server with those is a breeze. either way sounds like your well into it.

Great price compared to 5 years ago! Perfect for sailors...