Solar Panel Controller Comunication with Arduino Pro Micro

So, a friend of mine is building something with solar panels and i'm using an Arduino Pro Micro to control relays, and other stuff. He brought a solar panel controller wich looks like a cheap version of the SRNE MC2430N10:

It came with a LCD display:

And the controller is conected to the display by an 1,5m cable that got 4 wires, red is ~10v DC, black is Ground, and green and white is the serial connection (i don't know wich one is Tx and Rx).

In the controller and display manual it says that the communication is made by Serial TTL using ModBus protocol (I don't know if it is ASCII or RTU):
Controller manual:

LCD manual:

My question: It is possible to hook the Tx and Rx pins of the Pro Micro to the controller (and ground everything) and gather the information that otherwise would be displayed in the LCD?

connect an LED between green and ground. do it again with white. the one that flickers the LED more should be module RX.

Thanks, but do you know if this kind of information gathering is possible? Pick up data that would display on the LCD and read with arduino to show in its own display?

if you find information about which modbus messages are sent, than it is possible. You have to search for datasheets, contact the vendor etc.
There are modbus libraries available for Arduino.

I've contacted the vendor but it will take some time to get an answer, is there something that scans and tests the serial connection to find adresses and protocols?

"Pick up data that would display on the LCD and read with arduino to show in its own display?"

Picking anything directly off an LCD input would probably be somewhat complex. If the rx/tx voltages are compatible, then I would connect the controller to the arduino, being mindful of the board rx/tx setup, then see if anything can be seen in the serial monitor trying various baud rates.