Solar power

I’m looking for some advice about the best way to power the Yun using a Solar Panel + battery charger + battery.

As I’m new to the Solar Power field I would appreciate as much information as possible about:

  • Solar Panel required power
  • Battery chargers options (shields?)
  • Typo of battery to use

My project is a typical Yun application reading sensor information and sending it via WiFi.

Many thanks in advance


I have been interested in this as well (in general, not only in connection with the Yun), though I did not get around yet to get the parts necessary and play with it more actively.

But among the notes that I saved, this seems to be the best shield (and associated info) on that topic:




I am not quite sure that this is the right stuff considering that the OP was asking this in connection with an Arduino Yun.... :~