Solar powered boot Warmer - possible?

I did a quick search on here and couldn't find anything. I'm also completely new to wearables, and until yesterday had no idea they existed. I have had an idea for a while and wanted to see if this is even possible to build and if so what I would need:

  • A boot that has sewn in it a lipo battery that is charged with a solar pad (connected to the outside so perhaps flexible?) and powers a heating element inside the sole of the boot.

I've never played around with this before and it looks like it could be possible with the LilyPad setup- but is there a regulator that is included or can be added to monitor the charging of the lipo?

Any advice is appreciated!


Heaters consume a large amount of power and solar panels are so inefficient (about 17% at best) that one won't help at all in this situation.

Unless the panel were much, much larger than the boot, you would do just as well to hold the boot up to the sun.

if you add a small connector to the boot you could fully charge the lipo before walking (or connect it to the car battery)

The solar would just try to extend the life of the lipo.

The heating element should heat until the temperature is say 5 or 10C (to be investigated).

Just take away the most cold, as the heating element is some kind of pad to be put in the boot you should put a reflective layer in it to reflect the heat of the heater and of the foot of course.

but yes I do not know how long a full lipo would help.

Still an interesting project