Solar Powered Electronic Trash Can

I have here a query for all of Wizards around here :) :) :)

How do you sense or identify a kind of trash? We have different categories to choose upon:

  • Paper
  • Can
  • Plastic
  • Other

We can put sensors for this process, however, we want to raise the accuracy of sensing the garbage, what sensors should we use in order to obtain the efficiency of segregation?

We are also in collegiate level so the materials that we will buy isn't that expensive. I've read some machinery that sense garbage using 3D Molecular Structure, of course we aren't able to avail those kind of mechanism.

Thank you. I hope you help us!

I would construct a lid with distinct holes labeled for separate forms of trash. On the underside of the lid mount sensors that will detect that something has passed through each of the holes. There are a number of options for sensors to do this like IR, sonic ping, light resistors and LEDs. Since trash is likely to be dirty or wet, I would opt for the IR method over anything else that may be more susceptible to gunk or battery consumption. Once you can accurately detect an item passing through a hole and can store it, you should have an accurate estimate of the contents of the trash can.

Solar makes it a bit trickier. It would seem optimal to have the lid act as the sorting mechanism but it would also be the best place for a solar panel and you certainly don’t want people putting trash on/near your solar panels. I guess the holes can go on the side? Im interested to hear how you choose the design around this.

Hi. thanks for helping us, I will send back to you our design, (drawn on paint I guess) after going back from school, I will send your reply to my team mates so that we can consider your idea. thank you and wait for my reply please? :) :) :)