Solar-powered ESP32 board?


I want to operate a ESP32 fully autonomous and without wired power supply. It should measure some data and from time to time forward them via bluetooth when somebody fetches them. So the idea is to power this board via solar and battery.

The only solution I found for this is the one from HALaser Systems - Laser Marking Engraving Etching and Cutting Software - Scanner Controller Cards - An Industry 4.0 Company but it does not seem to be available yet.

So...any recommendations for a similar board that comes with full support for solar power?


IIRC the Firebeetle ESP32 has good standby power so could be a suitable alternative. It has hardware to charge and be powered from a LiPo so maybe a solar panel and suitable circuit will do the job.

Just in case somebody is interested: the solar/battery-powered board of these guys seems to be available now.