solar radiation impact on a circuit board: Weather station project

as some may remember, i have a Sparkfun weather shield, and i thought now that the weather is warmer, and i can work on outside projects, that i would revisit building my weather station.

so anyway, there is an ambient light sensor on the shield i would like to use, and i was initially thinking of just having the shield under a clear plastic dome, with circulating air to prevent the greenhouse effect. but i was worried that the solar radiation would degrade the board in the same manner that most exposed fiberglass degrades in the sun.
so my alternative if to get a short piece of jacketed end-glow fiber optic, and position one end directly on the light sensor, and have the other end exposed under the dome, as the fiber optic is cheaper to replace, if needed.
another alternative is to fashion a sort of "light funnel" to allow light to shine on the sensor, and block the solar radiation from the rest of the board.

the cheapest solution, i think i would to just place the board under the clear dome, and circulate air around it.


Put a white shield over the board with a hole cut out for the sensor to look through.