Solar radiation sensor

Hello All,

I am trying to create a weather station. I do have temperature and humidity sensor and also wind speed sensor. I would like to measure solar radiation around a high rise building. Solar radiation sensor will be mounted on the roof and the ground. Do you have any suggestions that work with Arduino.

DIY Arduino compatible solar radiation sensors are discussed here: Monitoring Solar Radiation

It is not helping.

Sorry that you are disappointed!

Use a small solar panel, a few inches in diameter, load it to it's internal impedance, measure the voltage with an analogue input, calculate the received power, and divide by the surface area of the active region to get W/m^2.

What do you mean by Solar radiation?
Most Weather Stations measure the Ultra Violet component of the Sun as its used to determine the likleyhood of sunburn, and you need a specific sensor that responds to the correct wavelength.

If all you need is just how bright the sun is , then a small solar panel will do.

I think thermistor may be a good radiation sensor, covering wide spectrum up to far IR. Cost a few cents, and easy to interface with arduino. You 'd need two of them, exposing one to direct sun light, and track reading from another to compensate ambient temperature.