Solar Traacker

I have to make a duaal axis solar tracker for class . I really need help with this guys

Specifically, what? Does what you find with Google not help?


So are we to assume that you know nothing?

Have you looked at any designs? Got an idea what way you want to go?

Doing a design for class is ment to teach you different approaches to problems not go to a website and ask someone to design it for you.

Start with google as suggested and come up with some idea as to where you want to start.

Here is a begining. Go with UNO as its the most common.

You say dual axis tracker, do you know what it is and why its dual.
What specks have you been given, cause from above statement there are sites you can buy one from. Project Complete!

It would be good to know your skill level, Age, Experience. That helps with answers given.

Well now its up to you to reply.


here is the plan

get an arduino.
get a couple of axis. I think you can get them from ACME
get some motors and gears and such.
get a power supply
wire them up
program the arduino and Presto ! 2 axis tracker.

If this project is just a school demo then an Arduino, 2 servos, 4 LDRs and a battery (plus some code) should be sufficient.