Solar tracker system with Arduino

Hi everyone!

Currently, I'm working on a solar tracker system, and I got confused. I would like to ask you that how can I modify my circuit to work properly.

It's a big structure so it moves with 2 Single Phase Induction Motor. Both of them are running on 230V, 50Hz. They are 0.37 kW motors. I don't have a Variable-frequency drive.

Here is the wiring schematics. (I translated it from Hungarian to english.)

On a single phase induction motor the live and the neutral can be connected to the U1, and U2 points in either order. The earth has to be connected to the earth pins with cableclips. The "kondenzátor" is the capacitor, and the "nem használt bekötési pont" stands for the earth wiring

How can I control and change the direction from the Arduino? I think it will be good if I use a 4 channel relay module but I only worked with low voltages and I don't want anything to be damaged.

You can switch the direction using a 240VAC, 10 Amp double pole, double throw (DPDT) relay, as shown below. The fixed relay contacts replace the bridges that are already in place.

Leave the capacitor connected between V1 and W1, and Earth Ground to V2.

Make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that the moving contacts (the armature) make the correct connections when the relay coil is energized (and de-energized)!

Finally, make sure that the motor is not moving when you switch direction. Best to do that with the power off.

Thank you for the help, but I still don't understand the wiring schematics of the motor.

The relay contacts replace the metal bridges in the motor terminal block.

Go to a motor repair shop and ask them to explain it to you. On the other hand, this is very dangerous wiring, so if you are this unsure of yourself, have a professional electrician do that part.