solar tracking using 2 steppers

Hi Guys, I am new to the Arduino community and I trying to control two stepper motors using Arduino Uno based on solar position algorithm (SPA) - I found this code for SPA Solar Arduino tracker – Happylab , but this code is using custom libraries and I really find it difficult to understand right now. I need to move the steppers at the same time according to dAzimuth and dElevation angles. Your help would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Good morning Egymeda, I hesitated before answering, but as it's your first post, I will give you some help:

Have you worked out the schematics for your projects yet? What are you trying to move? A Small panel (eg for charging a 12v battery), or a large domestic panel? What have you tried with the code, and where is it giving you a problem? When you say you need to move the steppers at the same time (your emphasis!), are you aware that actually this can only happen with two processors driving a stepper motor each. Actually the scan time through your program and the reaction time of the stepper motors would mean one processor would move the stepper motors one after the other, but it would appear they are moving together. Is this OK, or not? Have you written some code? How did it fail to do what you wanted?

Finally, what is your level of skill with the arduino and c++? Have you done anything else with it?

Have a look at,148850.0.html - following the guidelines will reap many responses from the community!

Good luck with your project!

There is no good reason why you have to move both at the same time.