Solar Wireless charging plate for smartphones development

Hello. I would like to ask you:

Is it possible to buy a flexible solar panel (just the size of iphone) and solder a wireless charging coil to it with some other electronics (resistors, converters, etc)?

I want to take this, place it on the back of the smartphone and it will charge a phone due to solar energy and wireless charging.

Is it possible and efficiency to make?

It sounds like a good idea for me :slight_smile:

Something like this but without a battery:

Nice idea, but alas, reality steps in.

Wireless charging is very inefficient and would waste a large fraction of the power provided by a small PV panel.

Even if used with a direct charging connection, a PV panel the size of an iPhone can't provide enough power to charge the phone in a reasonable length of time. Otherwise, such panels would already be built in to phones.