Solder between two pins on the USB/serial chip

After reading a post on the hardware development board about the crosshatch ground plate pattern on the arduino board, I took a close look at my new arduino board, yikes, a solder blob is shorting two pins on the USB/serial chip. My older board is fine without this blob. Should it be removed? I don't know if I will simple mess it up trying.

I think others have posted on the same issue. It's not a problem as those two pins are wired to ground anyway. Probably a production thing to make up for a missing jumper or trace?


yes others have expressed concern, but both pins goto ground, so its ok, and is on all official style boards as of recently


Thanks for a quick reply. The blob makes sense now as the pin 25 and 26 are both supposed to be grounded. No wonder nothing bad has happened to my board yet. ;D