solder bridge on FTDI chip pins

i just recieved my new usb board via UPS, i've been using the serial version until now, but on close inspection theres a solder bridge between two pins of the FTDI chip.

if i lay the board on the table, with the usb connector on the left, on the bottom row of pins of the square FTDI chip, theres a very small solder bridge between the 3rd and 4th pins from the left. i'm in work just now so i cant test it properly with any code, but it powers up when i plug a usb cable in (the led lights up).

do you think this is going to be a problem?



Good news: that is as it should be.

Pin 3 is VCC (power for the FTDI), and pin 4 is _reset.

They're connected by design, see the pic (here) of the Arduino extreme on the site, and the schematic here. VCC for the FTDI chip is marked near the top middle of the schematic.

Happy programming!

oops, spot the donkey.... i'm not very familiar with the usb design. i remember the good old days when serial connections were the daddy, and usb was just a glint in his fathers eye. sigh

thanks daniel :)

btw remember that each arduino is individually tested by hand. we would not ship it like that

i was just testing you.... honest. ;)