Solder fume extraction.

I have decided I need some method of fume extraction when soldering at home, this is partly due to having fume extractors at university and in my summer job. I know I can buy one, but being a tinkerer, I would ideally like to make one. This brings up a question about the filtration substrate, is it purely mechanical? I have a fair bit of the white synthetic cotton pad stuff that is used to filter water of particulates. Would this be up to the job, or do I need something that would adsorb the rosin fumes? I have some carbon pellets, but I think if I need the carbon at all then I should get a carbon sponge or something so all air drawn through is in contact with said carbon.

Any thoughts?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is quite a comprehensive description of a fume filter for soldering etc. Fume Extraction nozzle for hand soldering - Link Hamson

I've seen one being used in a video, but that is the limit of my experience here.

Excellent link, thank you. The type described there looks very similar to the one I use at work and explains why it is so large. I would assume with the smaller, desktop type things a hobbyist would use would combine the filters into a more compact but less efficient type affair (perhaps not hepas filtered)?

Look at YouTube for quite a few DIY versions.


How about getting the stuff out instead of filtering it? I just prepared a pipe to my workbench and plan to attach an old vacuum cleaner that I’ll put in another room of the attic with an outlet tube through the window.

Vacuum cleaners are noisy, even in another room. You could get more air flow with less noise using an inline fan with a larger duct. You can salvage "squirrel cage" type fans that work well but they can be more work to connect to the ducts. One thing to remember is that when you exhaust air from a room you need some way for makeup air to come in. If that has to come through the crack under a door the fan will be much less effective because it's working harder. Another thing to consider is that it doesn't do you much good if the makeup air is coming back in through the same window that you're blowing the fumes out of.

I think people like the filter units because you can put them anywhere without the need for a nearby window or ducts. It also is not very efficient to exhaust a lot of air from an air conditioned or heated room.