solder shorting pins on arduino FTDI chip

I've just received an arduino workshop kit from Smiley Micros and it appears to work fine. However, on closer inspection of the PCB I can see there is solder across the pins 3 and 4 of the FTDI chip when viewing the board with the USB socket on the right and counting pin 1 nearest the USB socket and at the bottom.

I'd post a picture but as this is my first post it seems I'm not allowed.

Is this normal?

The FTDI chip has an identifiable pin 1 and that is the pin with the dot or pit near it. If you view the board with the USB on the right and look at it from above you will find the real pin one on the bottom left of the chip.

The chip has 28 pins. Counting from the bottom left, pin 1 and going anti clockwise you will come to pin 14 on the bottom right then continuing on to pin 15 is the top right then, the end pin 28.

Now you will then find this solder bridge between pins 25 and 26. You can also see on the board copper that connects these pins together as well.

Hope this helps...


I'm getting older and short of viewing the board through a magnifying glass I failed to notice the pin 1 mark. My pin 1 marker does not appear to be where you describe BUT it is in deed pins 25/26 which are joined together. As to seeing these pins joined via the copper on the PCB all I can say is your eyes are a lot better than mine.

However, it is reassuring to know this is deliberate so thank you. I am reassured.

As to seeing these pins joined via the copper on the PCB We cheated and looked at the CAD files; this question has come up before!