solderable USB to UART connection

For robot I’m designing, I need a vibration proof USB connection between Mega Pro and desktop computer motherboard. I’m using the pro because I’d like to be able to solder in some screw terminals or solder wires directly.

The motherboard, unfortunately, doesn’t have a COM port, nor pins for one. So I have to convert to USB. Preferably, go directly to the pin header for the front panel USB, since I know that connection will be stable.

I wont be using the connection for programing, only for computer to arduino communication. The idea is to go from a 4 pin header (FUSB) to a chip/BOB, then from chip/BOB to the Mega Pro TX0/RX0 pin positions. The FTDI header will be only for programming with my FTDI cable.

By 'solderable' do you mean through-hole? I'm not sure such things exist, but maybe they do. There exist ready-made USB-to-serial cables you might buy and re-purpose, though.

The Atmega16u2, which does USB-to-serial on the Uno and Mega boards, has a version that comes in TQFP-32 packaging, which is solderable by hand, even if it's surface mount. Allegedly, you can even do this using a frying pan, or a hot plate, or a toaster oven. Look for "toaster oven reflow soldering" on the web to see some examples.

I can do TQFP by hand well, I have a hot air station, have done a few 328's on custom board.

This is going to be an outdoor 6 wheeled amphibious rover bot, so I'm anticipating significant vibrations. So I want everything soldered or on a multi-pin (IE 4 pin minimum) header (which is less likely to work loose compared to a 2 or 3 pin header).

I suppose I could get another FTDI cable, unsolder the USB plug from the PCB, and solder wires to it to the FUSB pin header...Then use RDP to program it, so I never have to unplug anything...

I'll just do that. Hopefully the USB port unsolders halfway easily.