Soldering MLF boards

Hi! I use ATtiny84's a new 5's a lot for various projects. Recently, I was running low and 85's, and decided the buy a bunch at once (normally buying 2 at a time).

I thought the cheapest place to get them would be direct from manufacturer, so I went to ATmel's website, and in all my wisdom, clicked the first link on a long list of packages for the 85. I bought ten of them through digikey, and had them shipped to me. You can imagine my surprise when I opened the package to find ten MLF boards, as seen here. Yes, the one all the way on the right.

These things come with 20 pins, only 8 of which are usable, and the pins are tiny. Rather than throw them away, however, I'd like to utilize them because I could definitely use something this small.

So this leads me to my question - how do I solder these? I've looked into reflow soldering, do you think I could get by with just a heat pencil?

Thanks much