Soldering - New equipment!

Hi, I'm looking for some new soldering equipment. I've had 2 soldering irons (30W's) and they have been OK for couple of uses, but after a while the tip has just started to die and fade away. I guess thats because I haven't been looking after them correctly... :S

Anyway, Looking at buying something a little better and been looking at this:

Anybody else have any options? Suggestions. Don't really want to be spending more than £40-£50.



Really good. Replaceable tips--even when taken care of they wear out.

I've had a couple of Antex irons for twenty-odd years. I just replace the tips when they wear out, which isn't very often. There are a good range of tips available too. Maplin sell them -

Maplin used to be an amazing company, back in the days of the spaceship cover catalogues. Now they concentrate on consumer electronics too much.

I take it then the the one I posted isn't that good then?

Hmm thats a shame, it was only £40 the other day, shot up to £60 now damn.

I don't know. I've only ever had Antex irons. Do you actually need temperature control?

wanderson: Hakku-FX888

I second this suggestion. The FX888 is my 4th or 5th personal soldering iron and it has been my favorite so far. My tasks with this iron span from soldering large power resistors to stranded wire to attaching QFP. I've had no complaints with it.

Do they have a UK distributor?

Here's Hakko's distributor list: