Soldering station

Hi everyone! I'm here to ask you a question about a new soldering station. I usually solder thru-hole components or at least SMD resistor, capacitor or at least some MOSFETs. I saw those two on internet: Atten 8586 and the Aoyue 9378. I found both at the same price, but the atten have also the hotair gun. I read on internet that Atten is not a very good brand and that it only assemblys its products, buying low quality parts from thirt. Aoyue has a metal case, it's ESD safe (I don't know about Atten) and that it has the temperature sensor on the iron, while the atten has a fabric temperature regulation (however it can be trimming adjusted). The only one thing that is questioning me is the hot air... Is it so helpful in SMD soldering? Can I solder some MCU in packages like T-QFP or SSOP with the only iron? Now I have a lafayette ultra-low cost station, so it's like I don't have anyone. Thanks for replying! :wink:

Can I solder some MCU in packages like T-QFP or SSOP with the only iron?

Yes, many people do, I like using hot air but others prefer to use an iron. So either way is good AFAIK.


Do you think that Atten is a good brand? If so, I'll absolutely go for it, at the same price I have Hot Air and Iron. Thanks for reply! :smiley:

If you ever need to do rework then hot air is brilliant. With solder paste & stencils
you can even solder a whole board with hot air rather than an oven or hotplate - although
there is a risk of blowing away small components.

So you advice the atten? Don't you think that the aoyue is, quality speaking, better than the atten? Thanks for reply :smiley:

I know nothing of the Atten, but I like my Aoyue 937+ so far.