Sole 24 Innovation: Vote Massimo!

Vote Massimo! :slight_smile:

He fights against the founders of Wikipedia, Facebook and Apple! Arduino has become something big!

Well, I wouldn’t say that =P
He is many a mile behind the big guys.

I did vote for massimo though…
Don’t know Bruno Murari, or what he made… so can’t comment on him.
But as for my reason, massimo made microcontrollers accessible for the masses, he simplified a technology to the point that laymen can use it.
Google is just another search engine, that just happened to catch on… a fluke, if you will. This could’ve happened to basically any search engine.
Wikipedia is original, but isn’t all that different from a forum, definitly my runner-up… a close one even. But in the end, not really a new technology and not really something new. Just a call to everybody for a central knowledge repository, instead of having it scattered across the net. Definitly a thumbs up for having pulled that of.
Facebook, where to begin… I see absolutely no reason why it got so big. A long lasting fad perhaps?
Pixar, a good movie studio… just like many others?
Apple, I suppose I should give him some kudos. He is selling a unix based OS on hardware that he sells for at least twice what others are asking.

Don’t know the rest, so there ya have it, the breakdown of why I voted for arduino :sunglasses:

We Are on 5th Place! :smiley:

1 : Bruno Murari, inventore dei Mems (36.69%)

2 : Steve Jobs, Apple (18.37%)

3 : Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia (11.55%)

4 : Sergey Brin, Google (11.14%)

5 : Massimo Banzi, Arduino (08.77%)

6 : Craig Venter, Genoma (07.68%)

7 : Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook (03.90%)

8 : Ory Okolloh, Ushahidi (00.81%)

9 : John Lasseter, Pixar (00.75%)

10 : Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post (00.33%)

Mowcius is not impressed. Didn’t vote for Massimo.

and don’t nobody ask why.